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What if...

What if ... George McGinnis stayed two more years?

After posting arguably the best single-season line in program history, McGinnis had a few good reasons to turn pro. But IU might have hung another banner had he chosen to stay through his senior year.

What if ... Bob Knight joined CBS after the 1981 season?

"Hello, friends. This is Jim Nantz, alongside my partner in crime, the venerable Bobby Knight"

What if ... Larry Bird hadn’t transferred from IU?

Is there room for eight banners on the south wall of Assembly Hall?

What if ... former IU football coach Clyde Smith hadn’t resigned after an ‘open and undercover campaign’ to oust him?

Just imagine if Twitter burner accounts existed in the ‘50s, folks!

What if ... Sam Wyche didn’t leave IU after only 1 season?

The architect of the no-huddle offense got his head coaching start at IU, but he didn’t stay long

What if ... Knute Rockne came to Bloomington in 1914 and changed the trajectory of IU football?

Before he became American football’s most renowned coach, Rockne was recommended for a vacant assistant coaching position at Indiana. But IU passed. Oops!

What if ... Phil Dickens and IU football hadn’t gotten the whole dang department sanctioned?

In the 1950s, Indiana wasn’t merely bad at football. It was also bad at cheating — and the entire athletic department paid the price

What if ... IU had solved Syracuse’s zone in 2013?

Who knew Syracuse played a 2-3 zone! Not me!

What if ... IU hired Jerry Tarkanian instead of Bob Knight

IU nearly went in a very, very different direction with its basketball program in 1971