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Through adversity, Lagow & Diamont can thrive together

Richard Lagow & Zander Diamont have seen their fair share of adversity in 2016. But in finding perfect blend of defined roles for both, Indiana’s offense might be cooking once again.

Indiana's just better than Michigan State

It wasn’t a fluke, and it wasn’t really an upset. Now they’ll (technically) get a shot at Ohio State in a game with CFP implications on the line! Seriously!

MTAF: The Wake loss was mostly a fluke

The advanced stats say Indiana’s loss shouldn’t have happened 9 out of 10 times. It did, but MOST THINGS ARE FINE says it’s time to relax.

It’s time to blow up the Big Ten’s divisions

This week’s MOST THINGS ARE FINE would try to rationalize multiple losses to FCS teams and PJ Fleck, but that’s futile.