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Big Ten releases 2015-16 conference basketball schedule

Indiana to finish season with marquee match-up against Maryland, host Purdue in late February

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten released the 2015-16 Big Ten men's and women's basketball schedules, Indiana University included, on Thursday evening live on the Big Ten Network.

Now there's obviously a lot to digest here, but the big match-up is the final game of the season against Maryland, which is the only time the two teams play. The likelihood of the Big Ten regular season title being decided in some fashion in that game is high.

The Hoosiers will only play Purdue once this year, at home on February 20th. The other teams Indiana only plays once include Michigan State (February 14), Penn State (February 6), Michigan (February 2), Northwestern (January 23) and Ohio State (January 10).

The Hoosiers schedule looks fairly generous, all things considered. Their likely two toughest opponents, Purdue and Maryland, are on the back end of the schedule with a season-opener at RUUUUUUTGERS.

What do you think of Indiana's schedule?