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Indiana hires Archie Miller

Archie Miller won’t get his scheduling bonus from Indiana this year for avoiding bad non-conference opponents

Indiana’s new coach can get an extra $125,000 every season he doesn’t schedule a sub-300 RPI team from the previous season. That’s probably harder than it seems.

Hiring Archie Miller is a reminder that Indiana Basketball fans should always be idealistic

With many anxious for the future of Indiana Basketball, it is important to remember that the hiring of Archie Miller is a by-product of justified high expectations.

Indiana’s Archie Miller “wins the press conference”

After a lengthy coaching search, Indiana’s AD Fred Glass found the man that will lead his program. Today he spoke to the press for the first time, and he showed everyone why he is that man.


SB Nation blog Mid-Major Madness writer Chris Schutte answered five quick questions about the hiring of Archie Miller.