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Indiana Basketball Coaching Search

Did Billy Donovan visit Indiana yesterday?

With Indiana’s coaching search still up in the air, Billy Donovan reportedly flew into Monroe County. He also reportedly didn’t.


The former Indiana basketball star and current head coach of UCLA issued a firm denial when asked if he would pursue the Indiana job.

Indiana coaching search: Dane Fife to stay at MSU, no longer rumored to Duquesne

Fan-favorite, and longshot, candidate Dane Fife looked poised to take on a head coaching job outside of Bloomington, but a last-minute balk has him staying in East Lansing.

Indiana coaching search: Mike Woodson, Larry Brown “aligning” in bid for IU job

One week into the coaching search and we have our weirdest rumor yet

Indiana coaching search: Tony Bennett sees four players leave Virginia in two days

There seems to be a mass exodus going on at Virginia, and that leaves many with questions.

Dane Fife is a high risk/high reward coaching candidate for Indiana

One of the heroes of the 2002 Indiana team is interested in coming home. Would Fred Glass consider him?

The OKC Thunder are in cap hell. Could that lead Donovan to IU?

Billy Donovan is a pipe dream hire that is just barely more realistic than Brad Stevens. But could he be a realistic target for IU?

Crean: I hope Indiana wins multiple national titles

Crean spilled the beans on his firing, how he’s feeling, what’s next, and more to SI’s Pete Thamel.

Chris Mack is another solid candidate, but would he leave Xavier?

Xavier just reached their fourth Sweet 16 under Chris Mack. Is that enough to get the attention of the Hoosiers?

REPORT: Indiana will use firm in coaching search

Fred Glass has reportedly hired Parker Executive Search to assist in finding the next men’s basketball coach.

Scott Van Pelt weighs in on Indiana’s coaching situation

Nearly everyone in the national eye has expressed their thoughts on IU’s coaching situation. Scott Van Pelt brought his own perspective to the matter.

Where are all these Steve Alford to Indiana rumors coming from?

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire — or there might also be an agent and a group peddling crap to get their guy hired.

NC State hires Kevin Keatts

Keatts was thought to be on the list of potential candidates for the Indiana opening.

Would Bob Huggins leave his alma mater for Indiana?

Bob Huggins has done excellent work at West Virginia; is there any chance he would take his talents to IU?

Could Indiana roll the dice on Will Wade?

Shaka Smart's replacement at VCU could be a star in the making, but is Indiana willing to take the risk?

Sean Miller would be a reach, but still worth pursuing

A potential, but unlikely, coaching candidate might be Arizona head coach Sean Miller.

Should Fred Hoiberg take his mayoral campaign to Bloomington?

Fred Hoiberg succeeded at Iowa State, but his last two years at the Bulls have been rough. Is he the guy for IU?

Kevin Keatts, the coach of the future

Kevin Keatts could be a diamond in the rough, and Indiana should take a good look at him

Chris Collins saved Northwestern. Would he leave for the Hoosiers?

Northwestern’s Chris Collins could be the coach IU has been looking for since the Knight years.

Indiana coaching search: Fred Glass’ next decision will define his tenure at Indiana

By most all accounts, Fred Glass has been a great athletic director at Indiana University. However, he’s about to face his most important decision yet.

Chris Holtmann is an enticing coach prospect. Would he leave Butler?

Who does Indiana’s basketball program go to after Tom Crean? Enter Chris Holtmann, who’s becoming Brad Stevens 2.0.

Is Archie Miller the next great IU head coach?

Of the most realistic targets, Archie Miller has long-established himself as a fan favorite and one of the likely leaders in the clubhouse. Is he a good fit?

Indiana should give Gregg Marshall a look

Convincing Gregg Marshall to come to IU may not be all about the prestige. It may also be about the money.

Would Billy Donovan consider leaving OKC for IU?

Could the former Florida Man be the Hoosiers’ savior?

Indiana coaching search: Brad Stevens probably isn’t coming to Bloomington, guys

Do the Hoosiers really have a shot with the current golden boy of coaching? Who knows, but Fred Glass better put in the work to find out.

Steve Alford should not be the next Indiana head coach

Alford was a great player for the Hoosiers, but can he do the same as a coach?


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