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Column: My Miller-Era apathy and newfound hope

Is Hoosier basketball good again? Who’s to say.

The Hoosiers are here and they're for real

Even in defeat Indiana provided more proof that it's a program on the rise

Column: Despite the loss, there’s plenty of reason to be optimistic about IU football

Saturday’s matchup with Michigan State didn’t go how IU wanted it to. That doesn’t change the upward trajectory of the program.

Let the Romeo Langford negativity end here

It’s time for the questions about the guard’s toughness, his drive and how good of a teammate he is to die down

What you need to know for Friday's game

The Hoosiers will look to pick up another win to kick off the weekend

Romeo Langford just the start, not the end for Archie Miller

While landing Langford is monumental for Miller and his staff, the New Albany native is not the end all be all for the Hoosiers.

Thanks, Coach

I had #feelings about Tom Crean's tenure here and now you have to read them.

It is long past time Indiana basketball gets over Bob Knight

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me over and over again for more than sixteen years, well...

James Blackmon Jr.’s massive return should silence his critics

With a podium game against Kansas, we shouldn’t hear about how IU’s better without JBJ for a while.

The Mourning After: Wake Forest

The Hoosiers avoided a maddening non-conference loss last season but couldn't manage to repeat the feat this season. Where do the Hoosiers go from here?

College Football Betting Guide: September 17, 2016

It’s another new Crimson Quarry piece! Since we have a staff writer living in Las Vegas now, why not pretend we know how you should bet your money?

Crean deserves better than pitchforks and torches

Across the country, basketball fans and pundits can see the wild success that Tom Crean had this season. But there's still a pocket of Indiana fans who won't let themselves root for him.

Conference tournaments are actually bad

Conference tournaments make Championship Week in college basketball one of the most fun weeks of the year for fans. It's also a horribly unjust -- and keeps teams that could win games actually out of the tournament.

Better than a blowout: IU showed will Thursday

It may have been more nerve-racking for all of us, but the way IU beat Iowa last night will be better in the long run than a larger margin of victory.

Indiana sure felt like a football school Saturday

There has always been untapped potential for a passionate football fanbase at IU. Yesterday proved it.

College ADs: Less assholes, more Fred Glass please

Patterson and Brandon didn't fail because of limited experience in college athletics administration -- they failed because they were assholes.

Indiana's winning games. Let's get weird.

The progression of a program is finding ways to win games you should win -- even when you suck. Kevin Wilson's Indiana team is finally doing that.

Holt dismissal wasn't punishment, it was politics

When the Indiana Men's Basketball program dismissed Sophomore Emmitt Holt on Monday, it didn't serve any traditional purpose of punishment. Instead, it served the personal interests of the decision makers.

What Schwarber's Cubs debut means for IU baseball

We all know about the program's recent rise. Now evidence of it is headed to the big leagues.

Has B1G expansion been a good thing for Indiana?

Five years ago, Nebraska announced its move to the B1G, creating a domino effect in college athletics. How has realignment and expansion affected the Hoosiers?

The Indy 500 local blackout needs to be lifted

The Indy 500 is full of great traditions. Preventing those in Indianapolis TV markets from seeing the race isn't one of them.

What Should We Expect from Tom Crean?

Instant success is nearly impossible to achieve, so why is it an expectation?

How RFRA could affect college athletics in Indiana

The impacts of this legislation could affect NCAA-sanctioned events in the state, and could even impact recruitment and scheduling at schools like IU.

Indiana fans: Take a deep breath and calm down


Are programs like IU still destination jobs?

Why a major college basketball job isn’t like a major college football job, and what this could mean for a school like Indiana.

Northwestern beats Indiana: What went wrong?

Morning-after thoughts on the Northwestern loss.

Does recruiting the state of Indiana still matter?

In the years after the Kelvin Sampson texting fiasco, the program cleansed itself and made a renewed dedication to recruit players that fit the Indiana mold. That meant locking up the state's homegrown talent first and foremost. While this effort was accomplished in the past, recent years have started to veer off into a different direction as the recruiting landscape has become more of a national picture than a local one. Is this a good or bad thing?

A CQ Staff group-text on attendance "issues"

We took a text-message conversation between the TCQ editorial staff and repurposed it as a screenplay for your consumption.

COLUMN: An IU-Louisville series? Make it happen.

Recently, we learned that "serious conversations" were in the works about a three-game series between Indiana and Louisville. Here's why this is a good thing.

INDIANALYTICS: Are the Hoosiers historically bad on defense?

An obvious answer to an obvious question.

11 photos of Matt Painter pointing at things

More like Matt Pointer, amirite?

Mackey Arena: The IU Fan's Guide

Describing my experience while infiltrating rival territory a few weeks ago.


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