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Indiana women’s basketball: 34-point first quarter leaves Michigan in the dust

The Hoosiers built a dominant early lead they never relinquished.

Michigan v Indiana Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The game was over after ten minutes.

Thirty-four (34) points will do that. Especially when the other team manages just 17 as a response. Those 17 points are pretty respectable across most first quarters! But, alas, 34. What are you gonna do.

You’d have to be perfect to score like that and Indiana was, hitting all 13 of its attempts from the field including six from deep. Sara Scalia and Sydney Parrish hit three of those attempts each.

The two, to the surprise of Mackenzie Holmes, kept getting open looks.

“They were just taking risks and leaving some people open,” Holmes said. “I don’t know why you would ever leave Sara Scalia open on the perimeter but they did. And she made them pay. Same with Sydney Parrish”

Neither Indiana’s players nor head coach Teri Moren were aware that they were perfect in the first quarter. They just got into a flow and got the ball to anyone who was hitting shots. There was a moment when the Wolverines looked as though they believed play was paused and Parrish got an open 3-pointer out of it.

“We had a sense that we were, you know, hot, on offense,” Holmes said. “You feel the energy from the fans but I don’t think we knew about the makes and misses.”

The lead was insurmountable. It never broke double digits and Michigan rarely got within 20 points after that first quarter. The Hoosiers outscored the Wolverines in every quarter but the second, which ended 17-15.

They nearly pushed the lead all the way to 30. Illinois proved that teams can come back though, and that’s a lesson Indiana took heading into tonight. The defense played with as much energy up 20 as it did if Indiana had been up by 10 or even five.

Outside of a weird third quarter of officiating, Indiana was able to keep the lead intact without any bumps thanks to continued effort on offense and stout defense. The Wolverines shot just nine attempts from deep, making one.

It was a clinic, plain and simple.