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Indiana football isn’t favored in any of remaining eight games

Buckle Up

NCAA Football: Akron at Indiana Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Instead of writing about yesterday’s abomination of a football game, I decided to take a peak at how Indiana is expected to fare for the rest of the season, according to computers.

There’s really only so much to say about a game like last night’s and rather than restate the obvious, I will direct you to Luke’s concise write up. It was bad and it’s been bad for a while now.

The bad news for Indiana fans is that it’s currently not looking like it’s going to get better. According to ESPN’s predictive model, the Hoosiers are expected to lose out for the rest of the 2023 season.

Of course, no computer model is perfect. They’re especially bad for measuring things like program “vibes”, like the coaching situations at Northwestern and Michigan State, or the fact that Rutger has a football team.

That said, Indiana will likely be at least moderate under dogs against these programs, which does not bode well for Tom Allen’s chances of making this season an improvement over the last two. ESPN only gives Indiana a 47.8% chance to beat a Michigan State team currently rocked by scandal(s) and missing a head coach.

That is Indiana’s best chance at winning another game this year, according to the model.

Similarly bleak is the fact that Indiana is only given a 33% chance of victory against an Illinois team that’s also off to an ugly start to its season. The 1-3 Boilermakers with a first year head coach has a 58.5% chance of victory against Indiana at this point.

In case it wasn’t clear, last night’s overtime win against a bad Akron team is about as deflating as a win can be.