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Indiana football’s black alternates won’t be for sale, apparently

Well then!

Image courtesy of Indiana Athletics

Indiana football unveiled black alternate uniforms earlier this week for Saturday night’s game against Akron. Fans, understandably, immediately inquired about purchasing them.

Other adidas schools with alternates in the “ghost” line have their iteration on sale for fans. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Indiana and we got official confirmation from the adidas football Twitter yesterday.

When asked specifically if the jerseys would go on sale the response was... rather blunt.

This comes when the deal between Indiana and adidas is under additional fire from the fanbase following the less than ceremonial unveiling of this year’s football uniforms, which contain issues such as looking to be of a different make than other schools in adidas’ inventory such as Nebraska and the nameplates on the back being a different shade of red than the rest of the jersey.

The contract between Indiana and adidas expires in about a year.

On the sale of black jerseys, we’re not sure if adidas or Indiana itself has a greater hand in the decision process. One way or another the jerseys aren’t and, as of now, won’t be available for purchase.

Past alternates, such as the Mallory era throwbacks of 2021 (now more or less the main uniforms) and the much-maligned camo jerseys in 2020 were available for purchase.