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Andre Carter is exactly what Indiana football needed in 2023

Tom Allen got exactly what his defense, and team, needed in the big defensive end.

Syndication: The Herald-Times Rich Janzaruk/Herald-Times / USA TODAY NETWORK

Andre Carter is a very large human.

He looks big when he’s overpowering offensive linemen and only a bit smaller, without the pads and helmet, when he’s giving credit to everyone else in a postgame interview.

Carter joined Indiana through the portal out of Western Michigan over offers from the likes of Ole Miss, Auburn and Nebraska. It’s obvious why Indiana wanted him when he’s making plays on the field. It’s obvious why he chose the Hoosiers based on everything he says.

On the field, he was all over the place against Ohio State creating pressure on quarterbacks Kyle McCord and Devin Brown. If he wasn’t creating pressure he was in exactly the right spot for a tackle for loss.

As a sixth year player he’s seen a few things, the ways offensive linemen communicate and how each one has tendencies. He was able to exploit this against the Buckeyes, he said during a postgame press conference.

But one thing he refused to take for himself was the credit.

Ask him about the game and his eyes go to the ceiling, searching for names to bring up as impact players across the defense. Aaron Casey, Jacob Magnum-Farrar, Louis Moore, Nic Toomer and more. If someone wasn’t available to speak with the media postgame, Carter was making sure media knew about them.

It’s the culture Tom Allen has stressed through his time in Bloomington, and it’s clear the two, Indiana and Carter, were an excellent match.