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Indiana vs. Louisville: Football mailbag

You ask, we answer.

Indiana State v Indiana Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

With Indiana set to kickoff against Louisville this weekend up in Indianapolis, we sought out your thoughts on the Hoosiers so far this season and you provided.

Your questions, our answers:

On Offensive Play Calling

It’s difficult to get a good read so far, honestly.

It wasn’t fully inspired last year but there were the usual “It’s year one” and “The quarterback wasn’t a good fit for the system” answers. This year, Indiana was extremely overmatched in the first game and extremely undermatched in the second.

Against Ohio State, Indiana’s play calling on offense felt uninspired. It didn’t feel like anything was called in the interest of winning the football game. Instead, it felt like a test environment for quarterbacks that was overly conservative.

Walt Bell admitted he was too conservative, especially in a critical third quarter that ended up being run-heavy, but limiting mistakes isn’t how you win a football game most of the time. Chances need to be taken, especially against Ohio State. Didn’t love that!

Against Indiana State, just about anything was working when penalties weren’t getting plays called back, but that’s an entirely different matter. Louisville should paint a clearer picture but I’m not really getting my hopes up to be quite honest!

On The Postseason

Matt Guerrieri was on the Duke staff that won the game wherein the kick was good so maybe run it back with the Pinstripe Bowl, better ending this time.

On Season Outlook

“After seeing two games, have your feelings towards this team’s season record changed? How do you think the Louisville game will shape this season?”

Embed was weird here but whatever.

The defense was a pleasant surprise against Ohio State and the offense was interesting against Indiana State but the penalties were a very, very troubling sign. If the defense can remain stout and the offense can create literally anything the season could turn out better than expected.

Louisville is the first team that, in an ideal world, is at a similar level to Indiana. This is a game that the Hoosiers could come away with along with conference foes like Rutgers, Maryland, Purdue and so on. This game will show if Indiana can contend with programs like that and I think that’s what ultimately shapes the season.

If one or both sides fail? Another repeat of the past two years. Something that just can’t happen.


There’s a lot a play here and the first two games paint an incomplete picture but I agree that this team looks better on the field than I expected it to look on paper.

Will that lead to more than four wins? Maybe! We’ll have to wait and see.