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CQ Indiana football mailbag: Week one

Answering your questions!

Indiana v Michigan State Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Indiana football is set to kick off against Ohio State tomorrow and CQ is here to answer your questions about all that entails.

We put out a tweet on this a few days ago, expect this to continue throughout the season. If you have a question about Indiana, that week’s opponent, or sports in general, we’re all ears and might have an answer.

Let’s go:

Jaylin Lucas and the offense

.... maybe?

We saw some promise and creative play design/execution with the wide receivers and Lucas from Walt Bell last year, but that only came when Indiana made the quarterback switch from Connor Bazelak to Dexter Williams.

I don’t think having a less-mobile quarterback (potentially) will entirely limit what Lucas can do but it definitely helps out as something else for a defense to account for. He’ll be unleashed from week one on a snap count instead of coming into his own throughout the season.

The offense needs him to shine this year, they can’t afford misuse of his talent.

Zander Diamont

Hopefully warm in Big Ten country (California).

On Tayven Jackson

That’s a fair question.

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m of the belief that Tayven is a piece for the future more so than the present. I think he needs a bit more time to develop into a full-time Power Five starter. As such, I believe Dexter Williams will assume the starting quarterback role once healthy.

If he shouldn’t, well, I wouldn’t expect too much. Either Sorsby or Jackson will have growing pains in an offense that’ll be based mostly around the run. Maybe something in the ballpark of 10 or more passing touchdowns for a good year of development?

I’d say patience is key with these guys but time isn’t exactly on anyone’s side here.

On football spending and expectations

The reality at Indiana is that nobody has quite been The Guy here in quite a while if ever. Tom Allen looked to be before the past two seasons created doubt if not apathy.

Believe it or not, the spending on football isn’t as low as you may think but the production just hasn’t been there one way or another. A weight room is a good sign and Indiana needs an upgraded indoor facility but Tom Allen understands that money, likely from donors, is best used toward NIL. He’s correct in that regard.

I wouldn’t say the spending is what’s holding Indiana back but it can use a few more resources, yes. You also can’t just manifest football donors, if those with money wanna spend it on basketball that’s what they’re gonna do.

On Tom Allen’s job status

Barring extreme disaster I have trouble believing this could be Tom Allen’s last season in Bloomington. If Indiana wanted to part ways with Allen after this season it’d cost $20 million, just about double the amount it did for Archie Miller.

That drops to right around $8 million... on Dec. 1 of 2024. I’m not sure that’s a price Indiana would pay before next season. This year is still extremely important for Allen, he’d rather avoid going into 2024 with that thought hanging over his head.