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they really added oregon and washington

this is real. nothing matters anymore.

UCLA v Oregon Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images

Yep. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that the Big Ten has all but added Oregon and Washington to the conference.

A conference named the Big Ten that has gone from ten to eleven to fourteen to sixteen and now apparently that number is eighteen! good, great. normal stuff.

We will have much, much more to write about this later but this is just a news update for now. The Ducks and Huskies are all but officially Big Ten teams. Because nothing matters anymore except for that big ol bag of cash.

Doesn’t matter that there’s no real history outside of the rose bowl! these two, evidently, were judged to contribute athletically, academically and, most importantly, financially, to the Big Ten Conference.

Apparently it’s all happening in 2024 too so that’s just great. Glad I’m not the one who has to make this work I guess.

Nothing matters anymore, this stinks.