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Indiana basketball: Trayce Jackson-Davis signs four-year deal with Golden State Warriors

The Hatman becomes the Bagman

NBA: Kings Summer Classic-Golden State Warriors at Charlotte Hornets Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

After being drafted by the Warriors in the late second round, Trayce Jackson-Davis has landed a four year deal with the team, including two seasons guaranteed, per Adrian Wojnarowski.

Second round picks in the NBA are not guaranteed two seasons in the league unless they reach individual contracts that lock them in, unlike first round picks who are guaranteed four year deals, with team options on the third and fourth years.

Essentially, Trayce got the league minimum contract for a first rounder despite being the second-to-last pick in last month’s draft. While his agents absolutely deserve credit, the contract is also a testament to the fact that Trayce has established himself as a known commodity in the draft, more so than most of the second rounders picked ahead of him.

This deal only further underscores the fact that Golden State seems like a perfect fit for Trayce. Other teams reportedly wanted to give him a two-way deal that would not have guaranteed any NBA time for the Indiana star, but The Warriors clearly have a plan in place to develop Trayce into a full-time NBA player.

Considering how elite recruits have taken note of Mike Woodson’s turning Jalen Hood-Schifino into a borderline lottery pick, it’s safe to assume that future big men visiting campus will learn the details of Trayce’s contract.

With just two seasons of college coaching under his belt, he now has two former players in the league, for the next two seasons guaranteed.