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Indiana Men’s Basketball: Rankings Roundup

The Rollercoaster Continues

Syndication: Palladium-Item Zach Piatt / USA TODAY NETWORK

Through the ups and downs of a college basketball season, the various polls and statistical rankings of a team provide a nice counterbalance to the euphoria or despair the fanbase may be experiencing in a given moment. This new weekly column will take a look at how the Hoosiers stand in each ranking and how it’s changed over the previous seven days.

I’ll be focusing most on Kenpom, Bart Torvik, NET rankings, and the AP poll, but if you have another site you want me to cover, sound off in the comments and I can give it a look. That said, let’s take a look at where Indiana stands today, Monday, February 27th.


Indiana entered last week as the 19th overall team in Kenpom, but dropped down to 24th following the 15 point loss in East Lansing. Saturday’s win in West Lafayette was, of course, a big bump though, bringing Indiana back to the 21st spot overall.

Despite an off night against Michigan State, Indiana’s offense went up four spots to the 21st most efficient nationwide. On the other hand, the defense slid down to 40th.

Looking ahead to this week, Kenpom favors Indiana in both games, giving it a 70% chance of victory or better in each matchup.

NET Rankings

Indiana stayed put at 18th in the NET rankings this week, adding one win and one loss to its 5-8 quadrant one record. Now at 11-9 in quadrants one and two, Indiana is guaranteed to finish at least .500 in those categories.

Bart Torvik

Considering how little Indiana moved in prior weeks, the jump from 28th to 24th since last week is a pretty significant improvement in Torvik’s T-Rank. Unsurprisingly, the win over the Boilermakers ranks as one of the best wins of the year, tying the other Purdue game with a game score of 98.0.

Torvik’s new generosity also extends to his predictions for this coming week, in which he favors the Hoosiers by an even higher margin than Kenpom. According to Torvik’s model, Indiana is projected to finish 21-10.

Also of note here is that Indiana’s seed projection from Torvik has moved up to 3.6, which is still higher than what BracketMatrix projects, but significant nonetheless. If Indiana can win out the regular season, I would imagine it to be firmly in the conversation for a three seed.

AP Poll

Even with a loss, Indiana jumped two spots in the Week 17 AP college basketball poll. As with the last time the Hoosiers beat the Boilermakers, Purdue remains in the same spot in the polls following the loss.

As has been the case for most of the season, only two Big Ten teams are ranked in this week’s poll. After looking like one of the tougher teams in the conference, Northwestern dropped two straight road games, bringing them into the four way tie with Indiana, Michigan, and Maryland at 11-7 in conference play.