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Indiana football: Brendan Sorsby commits to Cincinnati

Thank you, Brendan

NCAA Football: Indiana at Purdue Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

Former Indiana quarterback Brendan Sorsby announced his commitment to Cincinnati today, per his Twitter page:

Indiana fans were introduced to Sorsby for the first time in the 2022 season, after Dexter Williams and Jack Tuttle left the Penn State game with injuries. The third-stringer came in and completed three of his six passes for eight yards.

This past spring, Sorsby competed with Tayven Jackson for the starting job in a battle that spanned the first five games of the 2023 season before earning the role ahead of the Penn State game.

Sorsby’s ability to run the ball gave him the edge under Rod Carey and Walt Bell, who both relied on the option heavily in their schemes for Indiana’s offense. He finished the year with 286 yards on 112 carries (remember, sacks count as rushing attempts).

Once named the starter, we started to see Sorsby develop as a passer, completing 13 touchdown passes versus just four interceptions over the last five games of the season. It was during this stretch that Donaven McCulley also emerged as a top receiver, giving Sorsby a reliable option downfield.

Sorsby had entered the portal before the new staff was announced, but it’s hard to say how he would have fit into Cignetti’s offense. JMU’s quarterback last season, Jordan McCloud, attempted fewer runs while attempting nearly 100 more passes.

While it’s hard to compare his stats to Sorsby’s, considering the aforementioned quarterback battle that robbed him of reps, it’s clear that Cignetti’s quarterbacks are passers first.

There were definitely points last season where Jackson appeared to be Indiana’s better passer, so he could be the guy the new staff has in mind going forward. Alternately, Indiana may be looking to the portal to replace its starting quarterback.

Whoever fills his role next year, Sorsby will be missed. He consistently gave effort and kept Indiana in games it had no business winning.

Hopefully his tenure at Cincinnati will be more stable and include more wins (so long as it’s not against Indiana).