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Indiana football: Jaylin Lucas enters transfer portal

I’d love to have him back!

NCAA Football: Indiana at Purdue Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana football got some tough, but maybe not unexpected news this morning when Jaylin Lucas announced his intention to enter the transfer portal. The sophomore running back/wide receiver led Indiana in offensive touches and yards from scrimmage last year.

Lucas led the FBS with two kickoff return touchdowns as a freshman, showcasing his game changing speed on offense towards the end of the season.

As a full-time offensive player this year though, Lucas became the focal point for opposing defenses and struggled to find open space on the field. Neither Rod Carey nor Walt Bell appeared to know how to get the most out of the speedster.

Given the timing of his announcement, it’s not clear whether he’s open to returning to Indiana or not. Some players entered before the new staff was announced, but have yet to pick a new school. Lucas, on the other hand, made his decision after the hire was made.

I would imagine that Indiana would have to put forth a well-articulated game plan to maximize his talent in order to make Lucas stay in Bloomington. With all of the roster uncertainty at this moment, it’s unclear how the latter would happen.

Players have about a month to pick a new school before the portal closes in early January, so Lucas’ re-recruitment could take some time. I’d imagine he has a long list of suitors though and would not blame him for seeking greener pastures.