Lions' controversial penalty on 2-point conversion leads to a Cowboys win


The Detroit Lions gambled and seemed to get the 2-point conversion they needed for the win against the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday night. But somehow officials didn't register offensive lineman Taylor Decker reporting as eligible before he caught a pass. That will lead to a long debate in the never-ending story of NFL officiating mistakes this season. The Lions' 2-point conversion attempt with 23 seconds left that went for a score to Decker was wiped out due to an illegal touching penalty. The Lions had an extra offensive lineman, Dan Skipper, come in the game before the play, and three Lions linemen, including Decker, moved toward referee Brad Allen and seemed to say something, ESPN's replays showed. Decker was not announced as an eligible receiver, which meant he wasn't allowed to catch the go-ahead 2-point play. The score was taken off the board as Lions head coach Dan Campbell screamed at officials. That score would have put the Lions ahead 21-20 with just a few seconds left.