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Indiana men’s basketball: December recruiting notes

How are the Hoosiers shaping up in the upcoming classes?

Connecticut v Indiana

With the holidays in the rearview mirror and multiple commits signed, you may be inclined to look toward 2025 when it comes to recruiting updates.

But there’s enough reason to believe that Indiana, one way or another, isn’t done with the 2024 class just yet. For now the Hoosiers have one signee, Liam McNeeley, whose signature represented a win for the program when it comes to long-term high profile prospects.

Oh and his fit on the floor. That too. We’ll talk a bit about 2025, but don’t leave the incoming class in the rearview mirror just yet.

What sticks out about both classes? Outside shooting. Indiana is actively looking for a fix to the problem it’s had for what now feels like ten years. You should take that as good news. It’s not like the staff is standing pat on this issue.

Class of 2024

Watching Indiana play this year makes it entirely clear how McNeeley would fit in Bloomington: like a glove.

And no I don’t just mean the outside shooting, but that’s obviously a huge plus. McNeeley is an all-around playmaker who should instantly start at the wing as a freshman next season.

He has the basketball IQ, same as guys like Xavier Johnson, Trayce Jackson-Davis and Gabe Cupps. But that comes with the handle, size and passing ability to make things happen on the court.

It’s the kind of thing Indiana hasn’t had at that spot in years. Miller Kopp had the shooting and defense down, but didn’t have the passing.

And there’s a good chance he won’t be the only freshman next year either. Indiana is still recruiting his Montverde teammate, five-star center Derik Queen. The Hoosiers’ connections to the academy are substantial, having Malik Reneau and James Goodis on the roster with Jalen Hood-Schifino off to the NBA.

It’s still a race with other programs like Maryland (Queen is from the DMV), Houston and Kansas, but the extended recruitment is likely good news for Indiana.

In this particular case, it’s worth making note of Reneau’s development this year into Indiana’s go-to guy for points in the paint and Trayce Jackson-Davis’ success at the NBA level. You can bet clips of Steve Kerr and Steph Curry lauding TJD come in handy on the recruiting trail.

Indiana also reached out to four-star guard Daquan Davis following his decommitment from Providence, extending an offer in early November, per Rivals. Davis plays at Overtime Elite in Atlanta and Woodson visited the facilities during the Hoosiers’ trip down south. Like Queen, Davis is also a DMV native.

The Hoosiers won’t make an addition just to make one, but there’s a spot at guard in the class after Boogie Fland committed to Kentucky.

Finally, there won’t be anything concrete until and if it happens, but Woodson has flipped a recruit each Spring since he was hired. Tamar Bates, Reneau and Mackenzie Mgbako were all late commits.

You can’t really predict a situation like that happening, but he’s shown he excels in those short-term recruitments if a player Indiana would like becomes available.

Class of 2025

Indiana is casting a wide net for 2025, especially in the backcourt. The Hoosiers have extended offers to just about every top prospect at the one including...

  • Darius Acuff (PG, No. 8 nationally, 247Sports)
  • Meleek Thomas (CG, No. 9 nationally, 247)
  • Jasper Johnson (CG, No. 10 nationally, 247)
  • Mikel Brown (PG, No. 17 nationally, 247)
  • Darius Adams (CG, No. 22 nationally, 247)
  • Chance Mallory (PG, No. 88 nationally, 247)
  • Akai Fleming (SG, No. 44 nationally, 247)

The Hoosiers are also going after a few in-state prospects such as

  • Jalen Haralson (SF, No. 11 nationally, 247)
  • Trent Sisley (PF, No. 57 nationally, 247)
  • Azavier Robinson (PF, No. 119 nationally, 247)
  • Braylon Mullins (SG, No. 94 nationally, 247)

Indiana has targeted multiple wings in 2025 and a common theme among them is shooting ability. All of Koa Peat, Joson Sanon, Nate Ament and Aleks Alston can hit shots from the arc.

The Hoosiers have extended offers to multiple high-end frontcourt players like Bryson Tiller, Malachi Moreno, Caleb Wilson, Sisley and others, but the backcourt looks to be a particular priority based on offers thus far.

It makes sense given the success Indiana found with Hood-Schifino. It’ll be interesting to see how Indiana handles the point guard spot once Johnson departs and Gabe Cupps gets even more experience.