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the bad vibes game

getting weird with this one.

NCAA Basketball: Morehead State at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports


just... ugh.

what do you even take away from that. it was perhaps the grossest game of basketball I personally have ever witnessed. just no good stuff.

for starters, indiana made just three 3-pointers, attempting 16. morehead attempted 34 and made 10. indiana, a state where every kid in every house on every cul-de-sac can hit a shot if you give them a ball and a hoop, shouldn’t get outshot by every inferior opponent on its schedule.

the only reasonable, and I am stretching that, explanation is that this was some sort of lull from the kansas game. indiana let a key win slip away and began tonight’s game with heads hung low. not a great sign.

the hoosiers hung tough with the no. 2 team in the country but that team was nowhere to be found at assembly hall this evening. instead we saw the same group that nearly got beat by a handful of other buy opponents.

indiana never led the game by more than three points tonight. morehead state, on the other hand, led by a 15-point margin that at points felt insurmountable.

the hoosiers couldn’t buy a bucket and there was nothing to boxing out all night. morehead state, forgive the horrific cliche, looked like it wanted the win more all night. all night. it took whatever happened at halftime and a suddenly energetic crowd for indiana to lock in.

indiana wasn’t able to get as much as it needed from malik reneau due to foul trouble. when he had the ball he made all but one of his four attempts. morehead state packed the paint because there was not a reason to worry about the arc.

the most valuable player on the court? anthony walker. he’s no doubt been in these kinds of games before and has been on the court in high pressure situations. when things got dire, he rose to the occasion.

without that, indiana almost certainly loses this one. all of you should be glad he’s here.

we all thought these games were behind us but evidently not. indiana doesn’t have the wins and probably can’t find any that would allow its resume to endure a buy game loss. big ten’s bad and they lost all the big nonconference games on the schedule.

this cannot be allowed to happen again and it is on the staff to show everyone that indiana is past it. for good.