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Indiana men’s basketball doesn’t have a good nonconference win. What now?

The Hoosiers will leave the nonconference slate without a nonconference win.

Maryland v Indiana Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

We’re about halfway through December and Indiana doesn’t have a nonconference result that the selection committee will be interested in come March. Yet.

Avoid disaster through what’s left of the month and you can at least keep it that way. But there are no more chances to add onto the resume, just keep it treading water until Big Ten play kicks in.

Wins over buy game opponents won’t do Indiana any favors but they’re gonna be necessary. Things get a bit murky after that.

The Big Ten as a whole is having an awful time with the lone exception of Purdue. There’s not many quality wins to be had in the league right now and the wrong losses can sink a resume that’s already questionable at best.

It seems like teams keep taking turns as the second best team in the league for a few days at a time. For a minute it was Michigan. Then it was Ohio State. Then Northwestern. Nobody is interested in sustaining success.

For a team that needs something to hang its hat on, that’s not great news. The league looks even more volatile than it did last year, anyone capable of losing to anyone outside of Purdue at the top.

Mind you, the Boilermakers did lose. But they also have a fistful of wins that look great in any given metric. The rest of the conference can’t come anywhere close to saying the same.

For now, Indiana is 2-0. The next chance of changing that will come on the road against Nebraska in Lincoln in a year where the Huskers are more than capable of competing with the Hoosiers.

Things had mostly come together after a shaky start to the season but Indiana has two extremely frustrating losses in a row. It was outclassed entirely by Auburn on a neutral court and gave one away at home.