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Indiana basketball: 2023-24 Player Previews

We’re previewing the 2023-24 season of Indiana basketball, starting with the Hoosiers.

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It’s almost basketball season in Indiana.

With this in mind, we’ve starting ramping up our work here at Crimson Quarry, writing up player previews for each and every Hoosier on the men’s and women’s basketball rosters in 2023-24.

We’ll have updates with new players every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30 a.m. on the dot. We’ll link every preview here so they’re all easy to get to. You’ll have updates to look forward to before and after Hoosier Hysteria on the 20th.

We’ll have a few more previews during the final week as we ramp up content with the season approaching. Expect stuff on the Empire Classic, Fort Myers Tipoff, at Maine in Portland, Kansas at home, Holiday Hoopsgiving and more.

Indiana women’s basketball player previews

Indiana men’s basketball player previews