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Indiana basketball player preview: Lenée Beaumont

Big things are in store for the 2023 Illinois Miss Basketball.

A good way to tell a program has truly arrived as a power is when their recruiting pipeline becomes a conveyor belt of Ballers. If freshman guard Lenée Beaumont is an indicator, Indiana is at that point.

Beaumont, an ESPN Top-100 recruit, was named Illinois Gatorade Player of the Year last season and committed to Indiana over a number of successful squads including Iowa, Michigan, and Tennessee. That fact that she, and with fellow freshman guard Julianna LaMendola, are Hoosiers is a big deal.

On the court

Beaumont averaged 18.4 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 3.3 assists per game as a senior at Benet Academy (IL) and is one of the more complete guards in her class. At 6-1, she has size and athleticism needed to be a Big Ten-caliber player.


Beaumont’s at her best with the ball. Her handles and speed get her to the hoop consistently and she’s a proven finisher once there, preferring right-handed rollbacks among a couple other solid post moves.

Big Ten defenses (both men’s and women’s) are notorious for making you pay in the paint but that shouldn’t dissuade Beaumont. She’s got the strength needed to contest for offensive boards and will put back her own misses on occation.

Beaumont’s well-rounded, and can hit threes with regularity, but wing work isn’t really her game. Given Indiana’s plethora of shooters, though, it won’t have to be.

She had a nice showing during Indiana’s overseas exhibitions this August. Beaumont led the team in boards (12) and assists (8) in its first summer game, proving that she can contribute even when shots aren’t falling.


We have yet to see Beaumont defend against true Division-I competition but the high school and summer tape is promising.

“Ball activity” is one of Teri Moren’s defensive pillars, and Beaumont has a knack for being in the right place for rebounds, steals, and preventative help. We saw her record multiple steals in Greece simply because of her position.

She’s known to push in transition off turnovers, too. Given Beaumont’s length and athleticism, senior guard Sydney Parrish is a fitting defensive player comp.


CQ expects #5 to compete for playing time from the jump. Getting up to speed schematically will take some time, but don’t be shocked if “Beau” is on the floor in meaningful moments by year’s end.