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Indiana women’s basketball: Here’s who to follow for coverage of the Hoosiers

The Blogger Boyz will be in the mix, but the program deserves more eyes on it. Here’s where to find coverage/content.

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Indiana men’s basketball has about a million reporters in the press area. Their content is easy to find and there’s probably too much of it.

Frankly, we don’t wanna be the 14th person tweeting out whatever someone says with #iubb at the very end. You can and will get that somewhere else. We’ll still have men’s coverage of course, but as we stated in a previous post we’re trying to concentrate as much as we can on the women’s program to provide equal coverage.

In an ideal world, that’s the norm. We obviously do not live in an ideal world.

We have many obvious Thoughts on how women’s basketball as a whole is covered, particularly when readers are literally asking for it because it’s almost nowhere to be found, but those are perhaps thoughts for a later date. There are numerous student outlets and others who put in the work to cover the program, and we’d like to highlight those to get as many eyes on the program as possible.

As such, here’s a comprehensive list of people who Know Ball and will be covering #iuwbb this season

The Indiana Daily Student

As a former IDSer, the student newspaper holds a special place in my heart. Equal coverage is integral to the staff and management of the IDS, which employees some fantastic writers to cover the team.

News, game stories and analysis can be found at

Follow the IDS’ team of reporters here:

Matt Sebree - Reporter

Will Foley - Reporter

Matthew Press - Columnist


Indiana University Student Television’s team of reporters will be providing live updates through Twitter and putting in long hours editing together footage and stand-ups to run during weekly shows and on Twitter.

Follow the IUSTV YouTube channel here.

Here’s a list of reporters to follow on Twitter:

Audrey Hausberger

Brianna Ballog

Alexander Hynes

Follow IUSTV Sports on Twitter for additional coverage.

Inside The Hall

Online coverage titan Inside The Hall will have coverage of the women’s program in addition to the men’s program this season

Follow Inside The Hall and Amanda Foster on Twitter for updates.

The Hoosier Network

With both written and video content, HN provides multimedia storytelling and analysis of the Hoosiers.

Follow their reporters here:

Kevin Vera

Abby Haymond

Talia Goodman

The Daily Hoosier

Head to The Daily Hoosier’s website and Twitter for #iuwbb coverage.