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They’re in: Indiana men’s basketball to face Wyoming in the First Four

Indiana will face Wyoming for a chance to play Saint Mary’s.

Syndication: USA TODAY Rich Janzaruk/Herald-Times / USA TODAY NETWORK

They’re in.

Indiana men’s basketball will face Wyoming on Tuesday in Dayton, Ohio, for a shot at the 12-seed in the East. The winner will play No. 5-seed Saint Mary’s.

It’s a First Four spot, but it’s still a spot.

The Hoosiers wouldn’t be here if not for their run in the Big Ten Tournament, which featured wins over Michigan (No. 11-seed in the South), Illinois (No. 4-seed in the South) and a last-minute loss to Iowa (Tournament Champions, No. 5-seed in the Midwest).

We’ll have more on Wyoming soon, but here’s what you need to know right now. The Cowboys finished 25-8 overall and went 13-5 in the Mountain West. They fell to Boise State (Mountain West Tournament Champion, No. 8-seed in the West) in the Mountain West Tournament.

The crowd in Dayton should be a sea of crimson. Don’t need to Google how far away Wyoming is compared to Bloomington.

Time to dance.