ACC B1G challenge Predictions

Unfortunately, this may be the last challenge between these two conferences. This is always one of my favorite college basketball watching weeks. I've got a clear rooting interest in a series of high quality games between two top conferences, with plenty of surprises in the actual results. So far, the Big Ten has unexpectedly been better than forecast, and the ACC has struggled a bit. Despite that, I'm guessing it'll be a narrow win for the Big Ten again, but likely closer than it *should* be.

Minnesota @ Va. Tech: VT likely takes this one - but if Jamison Battle's back on track, you never know...

Pitt @ Northwestern: The Wildcats don't have much of a homecourt advantage, but Pitt hasn't been even adequate so far.

Maryland @ Louisville: This game isn't so much about the Terps' surprising competence as it is about their extending the Cardinals' abject misery.

Penn State @ Clemson: The numbers say PSU is the better team, but Clemson gave Iowa all it could handle. I think Clemson takes care of business at home.

Syracuse @ Illinois: It's possible that Boeheim wins the battle of the Oranges by snapping his team out of their losing funk, but the Illini have looked pretty great this year and should have any real problem defending the home court.

Georgia Tech @ Iowa: The Hawkeyes should win this one in a walk. Looking at how GT got drubbed by Marquette, it might get ugly.

Wake Forest @ Wisconsin: Wake has put together a decent record while not playing anybody, y'know, good. Walking into the Trohl center will likely get unpleasant for the Deacons in a hurry.

Virginia @ Michigan ; The Cavaliers are very good and the Wolverines have struggled. Virginia should keep the ACC's hope alive with a nice road win.

Ohio State @ Duke: The Buckeyes are still my pick for most underrated conference team (Purdue went from underrated to getting a lot of props in a hurry). But I think Duke's going to snap back and get a quality victory.

Purdue @ Florida State: This shouldn't be much of a contest. FSU will just hope not to get too embarrassed.

Rutgers @ Miami: This is a bit of a coin-flip? The numbers say Rutgers is better, but it's at Miami and the Knights are a bit banged up. Mulcahy & McConnell *should* be back to snag a big road win, but it could go either way.

UNC @ IU: The Tarheels are coming off of two tough losses, and might be fired up to prove themselves. But I think the Hoosiers have been looking to prove themselves as well, and will rally to extend UNC's losing streak.

MSU @ Notre Dame: The Sparties have looked great to start the year. But Izzo is without their two most athletic wings and MSU looked shaky against Portland. ND is probably a NIT team, but this might be their big non-con win.

Boston College @ Nebraska: Nebraska just beat the pants off of Florida State, and they look better now that Derrick Walker is back. But FSU was Hoiberg's only second non-B1G power-conference win. Oof. Can't pick the Huskers.

8-6 Big Ten

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