The hoosiers cruise past Northern Illinois in a 85-49 victory

The hoosiers demolished Northern Illinois on friday night. Trayce Jackson Davis scored 19 points on 6 of 9 shooting. he was also making his free throws today, as he went 7 of 11 from the line. His ability to operate on the post was key in today's victory. he was able to draw double teams which created open teammates around the floor. Even though at first Northern Illinois double teams may have led to turnovers for the Hoosiers, eventually the team was able to find the open shot. This will be a interesting development to watch as the season goes on. it will be interesting because this team highly depends on Trayce Jackson Davis for offensive creation,as this does not have a lot of offensive creators.

Xavier Johnson was able to continue his solid performance from last game, as he scored 13 points on 4 of 5 shooting. the team also shot a lot better from three than last game. Against Northern Illinois, they shot 34 percent from the three point line (shot 19 percent against Eastern Michigan). One negative from this game was the fact that IU turned the ball over 15 times. while that isn't a high number for a full game , 10 of those were steals. Additionally IU fouled Northern Illinois 22 times. This resulted IU being in the bonus both half's.

The defensive performance was very good against Northern Illinois. IU was able to hold Northern Illinois to 20 points in the first half. IU did allow 29 points in the second half though. If the game wasn't in garbage time by the start of the second half, IU probably could held Northern Illinois to 39 or 40 points overall. That is very low for a college basketball game. IU was able to hold NIU to 29 percent shooting from the floor. Additionally NIU was only able to shot 18 percent from the floor. the one bright spot for NIU was the performance of Keshawn Williams. Williams was able to score 21 points on 46 percent shooting.

IU was in control of this game from the beginning. Everyone on IU scored expect for Parker Stewart and Logan Duncomb. Parker Stewart was the lone disappointment for IU, as he went 0 for 5 from the field. IU took care of business against NIU.

IU next game is against St. John's. they play St.John on November 17.

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