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IU football: Who’s staying? Who’s going?

We now have a better feel for what IU’s roster will look like this fall

NCAA Football: Indiana at Michigan State
IU’s Jerome Johnson sacks Michigan State quarterback Rocky Lombardi on Nov. 14, 2020.
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Defensive tackle Jerome Johnson isn’t coming back for a fifth year, announcing Wednesday that his focus is now on the NFL Draft.

With Johnson’s decision, all* of IU’s seniors have now made it clear which direction they plan to pursue this year. Many are returning. A few are not. In addition to the list of transfers coming and going, Indiana now seems to have a good idea of which players it can pencil into the depth chart for the 2021 season. College football roster management is always a fluid concept, but at least right now IU has a better idea of how things are coming together than it did one week ago.

Here’s the rundown, as best we can tell. If we missed any, drop them in the comments below.


  • Khameron Taylor, Gr., TE
  • Marcelino Ball, R-Sr., Husky
  • Mackenzie Nworah, R-Sr., OG
  • Dylan Powell, R-Sr., OL
  • Jared Smolar, R-Sr., K
  • Raheem Layne, Sr., S
  • Ty Fryfogle, Sr., WR
  • Michael Ziemba, Sr., DL


  • D.J. Matthews, Sr., WR (Florida State)
  • Zach Carpenter, R-Fr., OL (Michigan)
  • Ryder Anderson, Sr., DL (Ole Miss)


  • Jovan Swann, Gr., DL
  • Jerome Johnson, R-Sr., DL
  • Whop Philyor, Sr., WR
  • Harry Crider, Sr., OL
  • Haydon Whitehead*, Gr., P (It doesn’t appear that there have been any formal announcements on Whitehead, but this story in the Bloomington Herald-Times indicated that the Outback Bowl would be his last game)
  • Jamar Johnson, Jr., S


  • WR Rashawn Williams
  • DE Tramar Reece
  • WR Jordan Jakes