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The ACC’s plan for March Madness is insane. And that’s what makes it great.

Archie Miller’s Hoosiers could be one step closer to playing an NCAA Tournament game

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Oklahoma v Rhode Island Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

There are 346 teams eligible for the NCAA Tournament in 2021, and if the coaches of the Atlantic Coast Conference have their way, every single one of those programs will have a ticket punched to the dance.

Let’s ... Get weird?

Through various media channels on Wednesday, ACC bench bosses floated their truly insane proposal for an all-inclusive tournament format this year. You thought March 2020 felt like it lasted 45 years? Well, March Madness in 2021 will actually take 45 years to complete.

So the plan woul— well, hold on. There doesn’t seem to be any concrete plan at the moment. What we have here is Mike Krzyzewski pulling wild ideas out of his ass. And to be clear, this is a pretty shitty idea.

Or is it?

This blog was extremely ready to get mad online upon seeing the tweets this morning, but after several hours — and many more Skrewball shots — I’m starting to feel it. Though I’m loathe to give Krzyzewski any credit at any time for any thing, he had a point when he told The Athletic: “This is not a regular season. It’s an irregular season.” He’s right! Let’s not pretend it’s anything but exactly that! Let’s do something dumb! This is going to be a silly season either way, so let’s go all in for a year.

NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 19 Div I Men’s Championship - Second Round - Oregon v Rhode Island Photo by Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Yes, I will absolutely watch Virginia take down Chicago State by a final score of 12-8. Hell yeah, I will watch Morgan State put up 90 on Iowa. Of course, I will watch Archie Miller sweat his way through a 62-60 early-round win over Cal St. Bakersfield. Yes, yes, yes. I will watch these things. And I will love it.

Plus, seeding a 2021 tournament field of any size, what with all the expected hiccups and potential game cancellations, is going to be a nightmare task. So let everybody in! That’s the spirit of things in Indiana, anyway, where we still pine for the days of the old — and exponentially better — unified tournament.

Logistically, I don’t know how this could realistically be pulled off, even with advances in virus testing. My big, dumb brain also hasn’t taken the time to consider the financial implications, good or bad. But perhaps it’s a starting point for something that could work. That’s what we all want, anyway. Just give us something.

This is going to be a weird, stupid season any way it’s formatted. I’m all for a postseason tournament that serves this spirit.

And, hey: Joe Lunardi hates it. That’s how you know it’s probably good.