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GQ Magazine, Tasmanian Devils & crying with coach: Whop Philyor continues to give the best interviews

The world is crazy, but Whop remains the same

Indiana v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

In the eight years or so that I’ve been floating in the Indiana football orbit, there has not been a better quote than Whop Philyor. The gregarious and engaging receiver has been unfailingly honest and interesting throughout his time in Bloomington, offering insights and injecting humor in ways few of his classmates can.

It’s always been appreciated.

Indiana set up a Zoom call with Philyor on Friday, and the senior did not disappoint. Some of the highlights follow:

On sitting down for a video interview:

“I haven’t gotten a haircut in so long, man. How do I look? I’m trying to get me a little Head & Shoulders. GQ — I want to be in GQ Magazine, so I gotta make sure I look good at all times.”

On maintaining chemistry with quarterback Michael Penix over the past few months:

“I mean, me and Mike are both from Tampa, so we’re always going to see each other. Me and Mike see each other all the time. He’s either at my house, or we’re outside throwing the football. Me and Mike are always together, so there’s never not a time when we’re not together. Our relationship will always be brother-brother. We’re always together. That’s my brother. Brother-brother, we’re always together, man. Not much more to explain.”

On facing more double coverage this year:

“If I’m getting double-teamed, that means somebody else is getting the ball. So I want to spread the wealth. I want to see everybody balling. I want to see everybody doing their thing. If they double cover me, (Ty Fryfogle’s) gonna be open. It might open up the run game for Stevie (Scott). It might open up for Miles (Marshall), Da’Shaun (Brown), Rashawn (Williams). I just want to see people succeed. The ball is gonna get spread a lot this year. So, I’m happy. I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m so happy. You don’t understand. I’m so happy. If y’all could be in this room, you’d see how much I’m, like, shaking and stuff because I’m so happy football is back, you feel me? I’m just so happy. You all don’t understand. I’m happy I get to talk to y’all again. Some of y’all got some ugly faces, but I’m still happy I get to talk to y’all. I’m just happy. I’m happy I get to be back here doing football.”

On how he stayed busy during quarantine:

“I’m not even gonna lie. You know the Tasmanian Devil? You know when they put him in a box? He can’t really do nothing. He’s just spinning in the box. That’s how I felt like. I (felt) like I’m in the box and can’t really do nothing because we got a quarantine. When I was with my mom, she made me stay in the house. I couldn’t leave the house because she didn’t want me to bring nothing back in the house. When I’m up here, I don’t really leave the house because I don’t want to bring nothing to the facility. So I’m just like the Tasmanian Devil off Looney Tunes. I’m in the box and just spinning. The (Big Ten) is in some trouble because they’re about to let us all out of the box this year. They’re in some trouble, you feel me? Because we can’t really do what we want. We’re all Tasmanian Devils, basically.”

On participating in racial equity protests:

“It was very important to me that I was getting out there and letting my voice be heard. I just felt like I — and I’m happy that the staff is behind me, because it’s not doing nothing but educating people more. Educate, educate. If they see Coach Allen doing it, they’re like maybe it is the right thing to do. Because some people don’t think it’s the right thing to be for Black Lives Matter. Everybody don’t think black lives matter, you feel me? To see Coach Allen doing it? I ain’t gonna lie. It really made me happy. It made me love him even more, you feel me? It’s big. ... Everybody loves football. Everybody loves us, so they’re like maybe this is the right thing to do. Maybe it is the right thing to care about somebody other than myself. I was real happy that Coach Allen got on board. I was really happy because he let me come in the office and explain to him. I was crying with this man. If I cry in front of a person, that means I love them and trust them. I trust this man to death. I trust him with my life. It’s big that Coach Allen and the staff are behind us on it. I’m so happy that I’m part of Indiana and the LEO (culture). This is a brand new wave. We really love each other. We don’t just love each other, we love others outside the building. We love our haters, you feel me? I’m just happy to be a part of this team and this culture.”