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Mark Wahlberg is now handing out IU football scholarships

Wait, what?

So, here’s a thing.

Mark Wahlberg. You know Mark Wahlberg, right? Mark Wahlberg is a lot of things — an actor, a rapper, a burger titan. He’s also, apparently, a big IU Football Guy.

So big, in fact, that he’s now doling out scholarship offers to Indiana’s 2021 recruiting targets. We know this, in part, thanks to IU’s future Punter From Down Under, James Evans, who tweeted this video after officially receiving his offer on August 1 (his time):

And yeah, about 18 seconds in, He appears.

“Hey, this is Mark Wahlberg. This is your official scholarship offer from Indiana University,” Wahlberg says. “We cannot wait to get you in the cream and crimson. L.E.O. stands for ‘love each other.’ Congratulations. God bless you. The future is yours. God bless and congrats.”


But also kind of cool.

CQ is hearing that Wahlberg did this free of charge, that this wasn’t even a Cameo hookup. We’re definitely feeling the vibrations here and absolutely looking forward to seeing Wahlberg at an IU game when college football returns in ... hnnngggggghhhh ... two years.