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Bloomington loves its Bell

We’re now judging candidates for the 2021 induction class

Campus scene University of Indiana Bloomington Photo by: Don & Melinda Crawford/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Yesterday we wrote about the inaugural class of Taco Bell on Walnut Hall of Fame inductees.

It turns out one or two of you have also enjoyed a crunchwrap supreme from time to time. We also learned that the loving but tumultuous relationship between the IU community and Taco Bell goes back decades. I still think the story about someone sitting next to The Ramones after they performed at the IU Auditorium might be the coolest story of them all.

Here are some of our favorite write-in nominations for the Taco Bell of Walnut Hall of Fame, which has apparently sparked an alarmingly high number of relationships over the years. Some of the stories we were told in confidence aren’t even publishable.

Many people are saying this is the song of the summer:

Your golden burrito awards will be in the mail soon.

Live mas.