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5 most desirable additions to IU’s football schedule

If the Big Ten somehow actually plays a 10-game schedule, each team will need to pick up an opponent

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

As you may have heard, the Big Ten is moving to conference-only matchups this fall across all sports including football, men’s soccer and volleyball. Because of that, IU will not host non-conference foes Western Kentucky, Ball State and UConn on the gridiron.

That leaves the Hoosiers with nine games on their schedule with the potential for the Big Ten to either add a 10th game to everybody’s slate or to wipe out the season completely if y’all don’t start wearing a mask. Seriously, do it.

For a brief moment, I’m choosing to be optimistic that there will be a football season and that it’ll even feature 10 games per team. With that in mind, the Hoosiers will need a 10th conference opponent added to their schedule. Let’s take a look at the most desirable options:

5. Nebraska

Not sure if you remember since it happened seemingly a million years ago, but Indiana beat Nebraska in Lincoln last fall! The win got the Hoosiers to bowl eligibility before Halloween! Then, to put the cherry on top of the whole thing, it turns out that Scott Frost wanted more games against Indiana. In that spirit, let’s give him one. Bring the Hunkers to Bloomington for a rematch.

4. Nebraska

3. Nebraska

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2. Rutger West

Whoops, forgot about this part of the canon. Not going back to change anything, not sorry.

1. A second game against Rutger