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I’m (we’re?) walking away from CQ after six years of running the site on March 31. Thank you for making this incredibly fun, and incredibly hard to step away from.

Indiana v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

This is the post I never wanted to write, but have needed to write for about two years.

At the end of the season, I’ve decided to walk away from Crimson Quarry.

This is perhaps the most fun I’ve ever had doing anything. That’s more of a personal bug rather than a feature, but hey, it’s been a ride. I’m super proud of the voice and the following we’ve built here, and the niche we’ve carved out in the space. When we started running this site, I wanted to build something less serious and more flippant than everything else that existed in the Indiana media space. We accomplished that. At the height, we did million-reader months, shaped stupid online movements like this and this, broke actual news on more than one occasion, and made fun of things that deserved to be such. It is a stupid, meaningless thing to be proud of, but I’ll admit that I’m damn proud of it.

But, life’s changed. When I started doing this, I was a law student that could crank out four posts in an hour while avoiding cold calls at the back of a 1L torts class. Swick was a broke law school grad, and Ben was a single recent postgrad from SPEA. We had time. The startup I joined five years ago is now a very real company that consumes all of my waking hours, Swick has a successful practice and beautiful suburban family, and Ben’s set to be married soon. Quite frankly, the last thing on any of our lists is spending another hour or two staring at a screen to write some SEO-bait game preview about an Archie Miller basketball team. Big time no thanks!

So, it’s time to move on. It’s been time for quite a while. You’ve probably noticed the content on the site come to a trickle over this conference season. Much of the crew — particularly those two who helped me run the site for years — stepped back from writing some time ago. Staffing back up will require time and energy. In the context of the relatively small returns we make off of doing this, I don’t have it.

There’s been much internal debate on how we wrap this up in a way that fits, from just posting this, to firing off a cryptic despot meme at 3:29am. But I’ve decided to wrap up at the end of the season. It’ll give Vox time to find a successor, and we get time to make sure all of you are following all of individually us on Twitter — which is really the only reason we’ve hung on this long in the first place. Perhaps I’ll have a couple more prescient things to share about Archie or Indiana football’s 2020 schedule before the end here.

But if you never read another word I write, remember this: None of this matters. Not one bit. Sport, for the most part, does not matter.

It especially does not matter if you are merely a fan, and it matters much less if you are a damned sportswriter. It is not life or death. It should not affect your mood for days on end. It should not affect your relationships, your job, whatever. All of this is supposed to be fun. Sport is an outlet. Great teams taunt. Talking shit is fun. Smokey The Dog is ugly, but will be rich after the Dinar revaluation. Take all this as serious as it deserves to be taken.

The wins and losses don’t matter. What does matter is getting it right on the things that are important — college athletes not being exploited for the gain of universities and other things that make certain people yell STICK TO SPORTS . If nothing else, I hope we made you laugh about the things that don’t matter, and perhaps reframe your view on the things that really do.

In either case, writing for you, tweeting for you, whatever — it’s been the thrill of a lifetime. I don’t know what that says about me, but I mean it.

No one wants to read the list of thank yous, but there are many to pass out, so you can scroll past if you wish. Kyle Swick and Ben Raphel who helped me run this place for years are at the top of the list, despite now both being over 30 and painfully out of touch with zoomers. Thank you to Matt Brown and Luke Zimmerman, for letting us be us and continually explaining to the higher-ups Why The Indiana Blog Posted A Picture Of A Pig Shitting On Its Balls Again. Thank you to the long long list of people that wrote for this site over the years — Dave Siegel, Thomas Wachtel, Alex Robbins, Jacob Rude, Ed Koton, Sean Mintert, Auston Matricardi, Jack Grossman. Perhaps most importantly, thank you to Indiana University Sports Information for kicking a CQ staffer out of the baseball press box four years ago because we swore too much on the internet and because a Facebook Live commenter mentioned Riley Crean one time. (This is actually not a joke.)

But, most of all, thank you. Thank you for reading, following, tweeting, commenting — whatever you did.

As for what happens to CQ from here on out, I don’t know, but it will be different. They’re going to have to pry the Twitter password out of my hands. But on April 1, someone else will take over this ship. (If you’re one of our readers and you’ve got interest in grabbing the reigns, let me know. A formal post will go up tomorrow opening the role to apply.) But that person will make it whatever they want it to be. Maybe it becomes a place for analysis. Hot takes. I don’t know. Frankly, I don’t really care. You’ll get the Twitter account and the blog, if you wish to remake this into a site that posts Very Serious Game Recaps only, go for it. It’s yours.

For me, you’ll still be able to find me writing about golf on Being spread thin in too many places hasn’t allowed me to focus on any one and really do it well with the limited bandwidth I have to write. But I’m really excited to write about whatever I want, whenever I feel like it, and otherwise not be on the internet.

But, who knows, I suspect you won’t be able to keep us off the internet for long, and come next fall there might be a new adventure to announce.

We’re not quite going away yet. We’ll use the next month to wrap up the season, reheat some of our favorite pieces, slowly say goodbye, then come March 31, we’ll move on.

So, thanks for the fun. Let the LAME DUCK CQ era begin.