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Indiana stays at No. 12 in the latest CFP rankings

The Wisconsin win was worthless!

Indiana v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Indiana is slotted at No. 12 for the second straight week in the latest College Football Playoff rankings released Tuesday night.

Wait, what? Twelfth?

OK, so remember what we told you about how Saturday’s win at No. 16 Wisconsin looked, on paper, like the best in the Big Ten this year? Well, we were wrong! At least in the eyes of committee members, that win didn’t count for much. Or anything. (Keep in mind that Northwestern was ranked No. 8 the week after it beat Wisconsin!)

None of this makes any sense. It’s especially hard to square when you consider that No. 4 Ohio State’s best win is a seven-point home victory against IU — the Hoosiers’ lone loss. Go figure! (Seriously, help us figure this out because it’s bonkers logic by Gary Barta and his Brain Geniuses.)

Not only did IU not move an inch, two-loss Iowa State — which dropped games to Louisiana-Lafayette and Oklahoma State this season — jumped two spots to No. 7 after a win over 5-4 West Virginia.

And don’t get us started on two-loss Georgia, which is at No. 9 this week. Two-loss Oklahoma comes in at No. 11. Also, Cincinnati (lol) is eighth.

We thought last week’s No. 12 ranking was reflective of Michael Penix’s injury and the unknown commodity that was backup quarterback Jack Tuttle. Not only did Tuttle win on the road — against a team the committee ranked No. 16 — in his first meaningful college action, he looked pretty darn good in doing so!

Anyway, here’s how it all unfolded this week:

  1. Alabama (9-0)
  2. Notre Dame (10-0)
  3. Clemson (9-1)
  4. Ohio State (5-0)
  5. Texas A&M (7-1)
  6. Florida (8-1)
  7. Iowa State (8-2)
  8. Cincinnati (8-0)
  9. Georgia (6-2)
  10. Miami (8-1)
  11. Oklahoma (7-2)
  12. Indiana (6-1)
  13. Coastal Carolina (10-0)
  14. Northwestern (5-1)
  15. USC (4-0)
  16. Iowa (5-2)
  17. North Carolina (7-3)
  18. BYU (9-1)
  19. Louisiana-Lafayette (9-1)
  20. Texas (6-3)
  21. Colorado (4-0)
  22. Oklahoma State (6-3)
  23. NC State (8-3)
  24. Tulsa (6-1)
  25. Missouri (5-3)