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The Film Room: Rutger’s 2019 Passing Yards Against Indiana, Ranked

We spent hours poring over the all-22 film

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 12 Rutgers at Indiana Photo by James Black/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good evening, this is your reminder that Rutger is named after Colonel Henry Rutger, who served as a captain in the Battle of White Plains, which resulted in a British victory in 1776.

That’s about as Rutger as it gets, securing a front-row spot in the pantheon of Rutgerisms, alongside this headline from, uh, 2016:

Imagine playing for Rutger in 2015-16, when they went 7-25 and lost 17 Big Ten games in a row, and not having air conditioning.

Now, for the important stuff.

In a matchup between undefeated, first-place teams, No. 17 Indiana (1-0) will travel to Rutger (1-0) for a football game on Saturday and perhaps the Hoosiers will catch a whiff of that sweet, sweet air conditioning. You have to feel for Penn State and Michigan State fans, whose schools got a brutal draw when the Big Ten went from Leaders and Legends to the East and West divisions, which forced the Nittany Lions and Spartans to face the mighty Hoosiers and Fighting Rutger every year.

Last season, IU pantsed Rutger 35-0 and to get a better handle on this year’s game and the individual personnel matchups to watch, CQ watched the all-22 film into the wee hours of the morning, then reached out to some sources in the coaching world to get their thoughts on the scheme, play-calling and route trees.

We’re going to focus specifically on the matchup of the Rutger offense against the IU defense, given that the Hoosiers shut out their non-conference opponent in this matchup last year.

Here are the Rutger passing yard(s) against IU in 2019, ranked:

1. The one (1) passing yard

This was a tough call deciding which Rutger passing yard was the best but we’re going to have to go with the team’s only passing yard as the team’s best passing yard in the game.

Rutger starting quarterback Johnny Langan was 5-for-13 for one (1) yard, which comes out to 0.92 inches per attempt, which sounds like a pretty impressive stat if you’re a tailor or maybe an ant who just discovered a really big Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Puff at a park or something.

Also considered:

  • Johnny Langan’s incompletion on 2nd & 13 at the Rutger 14 (0 yards)
  • Johnny Langan’s incompletion on 2nd &10 at the Rutger 43 (0 yards)
  • Johnny Langan’s incompletion on 3rd & 11 at the Rutger 4 (0 yards)
  • Johnny Langan’s incompletion on 3rd & 10 at the IU 38 (0 yards)
  • Johnny Langan’s incompletion on 3rd & 8 at the Rutger 46 (0 yards)
  • Johnny Langan’s incompletion on 3rd & 7 at the Rutger 30 (0 yards)
  • Johnny Langan’s incompletion on 3rd & 13 at the Rutger 26 (0 yards)
  • Johnny Langan’s incompletion on 1st & 10 at the Rutger 23 (0 yards)