Indiana is playing Rutgers tonight. It’s in New Jersey at whatever the hell building Rutgers plays in- I couldn’t be bothered to look it up.

Watching this iteration of Hoosier basketball is mostly infuriating and features me screaming at the television for "NO ONE TO EVER PASS THE BALL TO JOEY BRUNK EVER AGAIN" punctuated every now and then by me screaming at the television that "YOU CAN’T PASS THE BALL BACK AND FORTH FOR 30 SECONDS, JESUS CHRIST SHOOT THE FUCKING BALL."

Trayce Jackson Davis is very good and it’s obvious to everyone but the coaches that he should touch the ball on every possession. He and all the garbage teams we played early on are the only reason we have a good record right now.

Devonte Green refuses to try more than 10 minutes a game. Nobody can make a 3 pointer (except last game, suck it OSU). They do occasionally play incredibly good defense which is usually followed up by an 8 minute scoring drought.

Rutgers sucks as per usual but this Hoosier team, though no doubt more talented (Joey Brunk aside) is unpredictable in terms of effort and being able to actually score points. Unless they figure out how to shoot consistently in the next 12 hours, this is probably a close loss or if we get some good bounces, a close win.

Surprise me Devonte! Prove me wrong Joey!

PREDICTION: Gonna watch this until it pisses me off and I put on Seinfeld reruns. IU-67 Rutger-62

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