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GAMETHREAD: Indiana Hoosiers vs. Ball State Cardinals


COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 10 Maryland at Indiana
tfw ball state is up by 6 as the third quarter ends
Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Game Info / How to Watch

Who? Indiana Hoosiers (0-0, proj. #46 SP+) vs Ball State Cardinals (0-0, proj. #110 SP+)

Where? Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN

When? Saturday, Aug. 31, Noon

Channel? CBS Sports Network

Vegas? Indiana -17.

SP+ Projection? Indiana by 17.9, 85% probability of Hoosier victory

The beginning of #9WINDIANA is upon us. Hoosiers and Cards kick off in a couple of hours. Need some reading material while you sit in the parking lot of Lucas Oil Stadium sipping a Morning Beer? Here you go.

Kyle, Alex and Ben have brought back Best Bets in an attempt to finally drain Vegas of cash:

Week 1 Best Bets

Read up on Ball State in the post-Riley Neal era:

Game Preview

I shared my internal monologue on IU’s most intriguing player with all of you:


Finally, Michael “Went Off” as the kids say and ended up writing a guidebook to Big Ten Football in the year of our Lord 2019 (this one’s hefty fyi):

Big Ten Season Preview

If you happened to miss any part of our season preview you can find it all here. If you aren’t packing into Lucas Oil Stadium for IU’s home game where both end zones read “Ball State” today, hang out with us here and discuss the action in the comments section.