Offseason Talk: Extended 3 pt line

The NCAA is making the 3 pt line quite a bit further from the basket next season, extending it from 20' 9" to 22', 1.75" in 2019-20.

Also: the shot clock will now reset after Offensive rebounds.

My personal take is that this is very good for us in the short term--the new 3 pt line is meant to free up motion in the lane, precisely where we were consistently shut down last year. On top of that, Archie didn't seem to add much in the way of sharpshooting personnel to our roster this year, so perhaps this is just what the doctor ordered?

I think the shot clock rule is to our benefit as well--I don't have the stats in front of me, but I believe we got significantly taller this year, which I hope translates into grabbing more boards.

On the flip side:

Passing from our guards was a MAJOR liability this season, especially around the perimeter. Moving the 3pt line back seems like it will make those passes even longer and give opponents just that much more time to get a hand on it and force turnovers.

What are your thoughts? What do you think about how this will affect Indiana?

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