Offseason Talk: The Draft Dust has Settled

I don't know if there are any real surprises about who is going to the NBA and who is staying, but it is worth noting that we got some finality today:

Romeo - Gone

Al Durham - Stay

Devonte Green - Stay

Justin Smith - Stay

Aside from them, it looks like we have Trayce Jackson Davis (4* Center, 6-9, 230#) and Armaan Franklin (3* Shooting Guard, 6-4, 185) joining up as freshman, and Joey Brunk (F, 6-11, 230#) transferring in from Butler. I think that's it. Am I missing anyone?

The question I've got for the group is, now that we know more or less what our lineup looks like next season, how do we expect that to play out on the court when it comes to strategy, team strengths and weaknesses?

This season's weaknesses became glaringly obvious to opponents and fans alike. Subpar performance from guards (passing and shooting) made it really easy for other teams to pack the paint and limit scoring from Romeo and Juwan.

When I look at the roster, I don't see much change on this front. We are still really tall and seemingly geared up to drive the lane and snag rebounds at the expense of playing long ball.

What gives? Is Archie hoping Devonte will improve substantially in the offseason? Do you folks see something I don't? Are we perhaps set up for success better than I fear? Why didn't we aggressively court some really strong PG talent this time around?

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