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Sources: Bob Knight returning to Indiana campus for baseball game this afternoon

It’s weird, but everyone’s favorite problematic old is back in Bloomington. Hooray or whatever. He’s expected to be introduced shortly.

New Mexico v UNLV Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Here is a sentence I did not expect to type this Saturday afternoon: Bob Knight has returned to Indiana University.

For a baseball game.

According to individuals on the ground in Bloomington, Knight is expected to appear within the hour at Bart Kaufman Field to watch Jeff Mercer’s squad in Saturday’s doubleheader against Penn State.

It’s a bit odd to have Knight back for a baseball game, but that’s Knight, and it’s fine, whatever. Rumors have circulated about Knight’s health and condition for some time. Reports surfaced yesterday that the former Indiana coach seemed confused and disoriented at times during his Thursday talk at Center Grove High School. Don Fischer mentioned publicly back in March that Knight hasn’t been “well” and has been struggling with his mental acuity for a bit.

We’ll have more as the day goes on, and as images and photos come out.