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It happened again

The latest Indiana basketball calamity looked the part of an eleventh loss in the last twelve games

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana and Purdue took the court, ostensibly, to play a basketball game.

In its place, a rock fight broke out. There was blood, there was a hissy fit, and there was nothing resembling any modern, well-executed sport.

As usual, we’ll spare you the details. You just watched it with your own eyes. If, for whatever reason, you find yourself here because you want details, I direct you to any of the fine gamers being written by literally any media outlet associated with the state of Indiana. You’re covered border-to-border tonight, as one expects when these two schools meet.

Indiana did fight tonight and we’re, despondently, at the portion of the season where clearing this bar is worth celebrating. Indiana did not make shots, they did not avoid critical errors in big situations, and they lost a key player in a close game for a nonzero stretch of time. They’ve been unable to avoid these things for the majority of the season and it’s why Selection Sunday will not be a nervy affair. There are two reasons you’re not sweating on that day and one is profoundly more sad than the other.

That will be Indiana’s reason.

Eleven losses in twelve games. And the schedule has no plans to lighten up. Indiana will travel to Iowa before hosting Wisconsin and Michigan State in its next three games. The Hoosiers then head to Champaign for a showdown with a suddenly-decent Illinois before hosting Rutger, who inexplicably holds a two-game winning streak against Indiana.

Perhaps next year will be better. That’s the portion of the season we’re at now. We hope for improvement despite having no surefire reason to believe in it. Anything can happen!

In theory.