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Michigan 39, Indiana 14: Three Things

Well that sucked

Michigan v Indiana Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

An absolute no-show

For the better part of the first half, Indiana looked like the team we expected to see, at least offensively. Then they went into the locker room and whatever came out in the Indiana jerseys wasn’t the Hoosier team we saw this season. After earning some respect last week and battling in the fourth quarter, this week the fourth quarter was spent with the announcing crew questioning just how good Indiana was. Tremendous.

Injuries left Indiana below full strength. But that didn’t account for the performance the team put out there.

Put the secondary in rice

Good lord was an absolutely horrific showing from the secondary. Shea Patterson and Michigan didn’t even have the best offense Indiana had seen this year but it didn’t appear to matter. It wasn’t until the middle of the fourth that the team offered up any resistance. Patterson looked like Joe Burrow at times.

Many pointed out that in order for Indiana to generate a pass rush, they were forced to blitz on the day, leaving the secondary on its own and, boy, they were exposed!

Potentially costly injuries

Whop Philyor didn’t play which was already bad enough. Then Stevie Scott was in and out throughout the day before going out for good after a very awkward landing on a screen pass late in the third quarter. On the same play, Matthew Bedford, the left tackle who stepped in this season for Coy Cronk, went down and eventually had to be carted off.

All three injuries are impactful in their own rights and together, it really hampers an Indiana offense that had been clicking before Saturday.

It’s a frustrating loss. But it is just one loss. And it’s Bucket Week. Beat Purdue and secure a spot in a Florida bowl.