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The Podcast Was Good: The Passing Yard, previewing injury-depleted Maryland

Rutgers v Indiana Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

Indiana football had one of its most dominant games in recent memory, holding rutger to one passing yard while flexing its muscle, albeit in spurts, on the offensive end. Auston and Jacob first look at all the positive takeaways from the Hoosiers win.

Up next for Indiana is a match-up with a Maryland side that once looked great before now looking far more lackluster. Injuries are now the biggest battle for the Terrapins heading into a match-up with Indiana. The Hoosiers will look to move within a game of bowl eligibility with a win.

Lastly, the two talk about a bold move by Indiana men’s soccer head coach Todd Yeagley. Along with eight other NCAA title-winning coaches, Yeagley signed a letter to the NCAA seeking a change in scheduling for the men’s soccer season. Auston and Jacob talk about the move along with hearing a soundbite from Yeagley himself.

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