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Rob Phinisee met his 10 year-old letter-writing fan last week

A nice conclusion to the initial letter from Nicolas last month.

In a month bereft of good news for IU basketball, I figured we could all kind of use this.

Remember the letter to Rob Phinisee from 10 year-old Nicolas Aguilera, who hit a buzzer-beater in his basketball game the same weekend that Phinisee hit one against Butler in the Crossroads Classic? Well, Nicolas’s mother got in touch with us and let us know that the Hoosiers came through and gave Nicolas a chance to meet his favorite player at the Michigan game last Friday.

Sounds like this was a night that the young fan will never forget. Yes, I know this losing streak has been tough for the Hoosiers and it’s easy to become jaded. But I think it’s important to take a step back and remember sometimes that for many people, it’s not always about the wins and losses, but also about the connections the team makes, especially in Indiana, where basketball means so much to so many people. It’s nice to see IU come through for this young fan, and for Phinisee to be back on the court again after missing a few games due to injury as well.

Anyway, in the original post I said Nicolas could write something for us, so he took us up on the offer:

Nice work! While Nicolas does leave the “S” on Rutger (though I do like referring to them as “The Rutgers”), he is on point about Geo Baker.

The P.S. in this letter will suffice as our entire game preview for Rutger, who Indiana faces on the road tonight at 7.