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Here is an excellent and complete Indiana-Purdue game preview

[eating glue] kalen debror.

Indiana v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Indiana and Purdue will play a basketball game tomorrow. Someone will win and someone will lose. The team that scores more points will be in a good position to win the basketball game. A key to the game will be making basketball shots.

Well hey cool man that’s fun now isn’t it let’s watch some Kalen DeBoer offensive tape

I agree, let’s do that. Do you like well-designed screen-actions with innovative Bob Stitt like pre-snap concepts? Do we love that, folks?

Something something Archie Miller Matt Painter whatever man. You’re hearing it more and more that Kalen DeBoer is America’s #1 All Time Playcaller.

You do, you do hear that. Is it fully true? I don’t know folks it’s hard to say. But we’re going to look into it, we are, really. You should’ve seen Carmen Electra back in 1994, you really should’ve. I had dinner with her and Murphy Lee — at the Carrabba’s off 56th. Amazing time, you know him right? Really great, great guy, just the best. Why am I writing this in Trump Press Gaggle Cadence? I don’t know. My brain is filled with worms. Here is more Kalen DeBoer tape, this particular version includes shooting Herm Edwards’ defense at Arizona State out to sea. Would you like to watch some excellent usage of wideout blocking schemes and more sexual presnap motion? Yes. Yes I would. Let’s do that.

Uh yeah whatever sure here are the five factors for tomorrow’s Indiana-Purdue basketball game.

A good game preview contains substantive analysis and not conjecture. Here are some hard numbers and stats for you to prepare for the big game.

What’s your prediction for this one?


Are you drunk? That seems low for a basketball game man, you sure about that?

Indiana football baby. We’re it baby. We are going baby.