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Indiana at Rutger Gamethread

A bad Rutger team has beaten IU before. Let’s hope for a day at the beach for the Hoosiers in New Jersey.

Who? Indiana Hoosiers (3-1 [0-1], #45 S&P+) vs. Rutger (1-3 [0-1], #118 S&P+)

When? Saturday, 9/29 12:00 PM, Piscataway, NJ

Channel? BTN

Vegas? Indiana -17

S&P+ Projection? Indiana -22.3

In a matchup that screams “Noon start on BTN,” Indiana is about to face off against Rutger, the Big Ten’s equivalent of a trip to the dentist. There’s not much more to say about this one besides what Jacob covered earlier this week, other than the Hoosiers need to get out of Jersey with a win today, as the next three weeks feature the gauntlet of OSU/Iowa/PSU.

Rutger has been bad this year. Like, really bad. They let Kansas hang a double nickel on them. Buffalo is playing well this year, but the Bulls crushed them by 29 in Piscataway. A loss here for Indiana would be devastating. So, let’s make sure it doesn’t happen.

Will the Hoosiers be Born to Run today, or will they be Livin’ on a Prayer? Leave your thoughts here in this thread.