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CQ Mailbag: Jazz musicians, goal posts, and more

Questions you asked, answered

Virginia v Indiana
Stevie Scott is IU's bell cow running back, but could he have potential in a different profession?
Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

We're getting into the swing of things in football season, soccer season is heating up, and Hoosier Hysteria is just around the corner. With all of these exciting things going on we thought it might be a good time to answer some questions. MAILBAG TIME:

The Brass Spittoon

If you have the urge to go to Columbus and tear down their goal posts, go for it. If you want to celebrate in a more cost effective way, I’d suggest having three (3) Miller High Lifes, following the steps provided here to build your own goal posts, then tearing them down.

(Extremely LeBron James voice) Not one, not two, not three...(gets pulled off stage by a humorously large vaudeville hook)

I believe that the intent is to redshirt Mike Penix, hence why we didn’t see him in the Virginia game, but I’m not sure if that will actually work. Of course if anything were to happen to Peyton Ramsey that redshirt will burn and if IU continues to play well Penix has the talent to contribute to a winning team right now as a change of pace QB, so that temptation could be there as well. If you’d like to mark down potential Penix sightings I’d guess we’ll see him in Piscataway and against Maryland. Hopefully the redshirt sticks, but at this point ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Both of these are very memeable, but ultimately I’m going with Allen and the trash can.

A three parter here. Let’s break it down:

1.I think it looks pretty nice, as does basically every other facilities upgrade IU has completed in recent years.

2. Just gonna leave this here:

IU Bloomington Archives

3. Things don’t exactly look like they’re going Purdue’s way. Unless Jeff Brohm figures something out they could be in for a long season.

Fun fact: if you flip those images it’s the series of events of basically every IU game against a ranked opponent in the last 10+ years. That being said, that depiction is definitely how Saturday could go.