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Here’s Tom Allen destroying a Memorial Stadium trash can.

Nothing was standing in Tom Allen’s way of celebrating victory with the IU faithful.

NCAA Football: Virginia at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

At the end of Saturday night’s 20-16 victory over Virginia, Indiana head coach Tom Allen was pretty excited to say the least.

And after a rain-filled, three and a half hour slog, he was ready to celebrate with the IU faithful who watched the entire game, and wasn’t letting anything get in his way.

Not even a random IU garbage can on the Memorial Stadium sidelines.

And here’s a GIF of the can kick so that you can watch it over and over:

Some college football programs hoist garbage cans in the air. Tom Allen kicks them down - and with a purpose.

As for the fate of the can, Allen says not to worry, he picked it up the next morning.

See what inanimate stadium objects Allen knocks over next weekend, when the Hoosiers take on Ball State. Kickoff (no pun intended) is at noon.