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Answering the questions you definitely asked: Week 1

You asked these questions; I can prove it.

Rutgers v Indiana Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

We are approximately 24 hours from the Indiana Hoosiers men’s college football team kicking off their 2018 season. If you would like to see what the CQ staff thinks this season is going to look like, give us one more click right here. But those picks only go so far. You, the fan, had many additional questions that go far beyond wins and losses. I definitely didn’t make up any of these questions. Our loyal readers come first, and I want to make sure this site is covering the topics that you feel are important to your Indiana Hoosier football consumption. Remember, these questions were definitely asked by fellow readers, so don’t be shy and submit questions that you would like answered before Week 2’s game against Virginia.

Now, let’s talk Florida International!

Why do you think Peyton Ramsey was named the starter over Brandon Dawkins and Michael Penix Jr.?

Good question! We’re off to a great start. Ramsey was unquestionably the safest option for Tom Allen and his staff. He’s the most familiar with the offense, he proved to be less turnover-prone than Richard Lagow (but so was most of the country), and if there’s one thing this coaching staff doesn’t seem to be all that interested in, it’s taking risks. Ramsey isn’t a risk. And if he struggles, you can always bring Penix out of the bullpen. There are far less negative repercussions from replacing a returning letterman with a true freshman than there are with the inversion of that.

What position group are you most excited about?

The receivers! They’re going to be good, probably! Nick Westbrook is healthy (until we punt on the first drive Saturday and he lines up as a gunner). Luke Timian had another spring and preseason to acquaint himself with the offense and may be the best of the group. Donovan Hale is tall and therefore good. I think Ty Fryfogle will win people over. One thing to note about this group is the size of these lads. Hale is 6’4’ 230 pounds (!!!). Westbrook is 6’3” 215 pounds. Fryfogle is 6’2” 215 pounds. If they can win routes one-on-one, Peyton Ramsey’s accuracy becomes less of a focus.

Tell me about some freshmen that excite you.

First off, that’s not a question. But this is Week 1 and we’re all learning, but please try to follow the format moving forward. Thank you. Anyway, freshmen! Remember this name: Peyton Hendershot. He’s a redshirt freshman tight end that has the opportunity to make everyone forget about Ian Thomas’s graduation. Also, Reese Taylor. I’ve watched Reese Taylor play football exactly one time, and I’m confident saying that, at the very least, he’s a contender for the respected title of Player Who Indiana Fans Will Be Most Furious About When Mike Debord Misuses Him For The Better Part Of His Career.

I heard that the team is removing player names from the backs of the jerseys. Do you think that’s bad?

We’re being robbed of the opportunity to see the following names on the back of Indiana football jerseys: Pabst, Penix Jr., Slusher, Littlejohn, Beery, Watercutter, Hendershot.

Yes, it’s bad.

What should I drink during the game?

Assuming you’ve watched an Indiana football game before, you probably know that the drink of choice can range from Coors Light to Wild Turkey to milk (you know, for the ulcer). The weather looks like it’s going to be enjoyable this weekend, though! Treat yourself to something refreshing. Do you have a good mojito recipe? Oh, you have a $15 budget and access to Busch Light? Even better.

What are your honest, objective, realistic expectations for this team?

No, pick one of those words. You don’t get to come in here throwing around words like “realistic” when talking about Indiana football. Here’s what you can expect: you will scream about play-calling at least 8 times per game. There will be quarterback changes in the middle of games for no apparent reason and you will assume the coaching staff when they probably don’t. You will long for the days of #CHAOSTEAM when this team is losing games 17-9 in the rain. You will think about getting a hobby on Saturday’s because none of this seems worth it at times.

Will we see more creative play-calling from Mike Debord this season?


If the hurricane didn’t cancel last year’s game, would this team have gone to a bowl game?

First rule of asking definitely real questions: Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to.

(The second rule is praise Antwaan Randle El whenever possible.)

Can you give us an inspirational quote applicable to this week/the start of the season?

“I grew up on a farm. I have seen animals having sex in every position imaginable. Goat on chicken. Chicken on goat. Couple of chickens doing a goat, couple of pigs watching.”

- Dwight K. Schrute

Tune in next week for the answers to the questions you definitely asked about the Virginia game!